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Jan 17, 2013 9:00am EST
death of his girlfriend. girlfriend.manti te'o said laat septeeber... thaathhs grandmother aad hii girlfriend died within hours of each otter... an hat he would peep playing to honnr them.but according to a new articce publisheddon "deadspin--ot- ccm... the girllriend story waa all hoax.teo ssii that his girlfriend died of attend her funeral because he promisee her he wouldd't miss a game.but timothy burke... article... says some things diin't aad up. 3 we have a lot of stories about how they mee. she was a &pstudent at aater the 2209 football gamm and we know now that didn't happen.-butt to- wwennte'o said know again someday, we know now that they - nevee saw eacc otherrin the first they err wwth me. i 3 myy amily and my girllrieed's &pfaaily. i miss know thattiill & se thee again one day. day. 3 te'o... ho was thh heisman trophy runner-up... says he's just the victim oo a "sick joke."he's exppcted to be firrt-round pick in theen-f-l draat thissspring. chris brown is due n court today... for a progress reportthearing on his 5-year probation
Jan 22, 2013 9:00am EST
some businesses... who ssy their ann unfairly. 3 manti te'o is ppeaking out aboutthis girlfriend hoox.......and patii cooric will be theefirst to hear it. couric tweeted that sse'll interviee te'o and his &pparents n her talk show where te'o is settto reveal all about the girlfriend hee claimed he hadd. who died of leukemia.. te'o pnssstt hh's thh victim of aa internnt hoax. he's tte runnerrup for this yyar's heisman trophyy & prince harry is 3 ddeloyment in afghanistan. tte "ttird in line" to - the british throne was serving as a "apache" helicopter co- &ppilot with the army air corpp. harry says while on missions he fired roccees nd mmisiles at aliban fighters. thissis harry's 2-nd tour in afghaaistta. his first deploymenn inn2007 was cut short aater his whereabouts were leaked. 3 fann are now one degree actor makes the move to the small screen... in he new fox show "the following." following."innthe shoo... - bacon is annf-b-i agent who's & tracking a serial killer.bacon says he's been looki
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2